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Data Types

The engine supports a reduced set of types compared to full DBMS platforms.


Name Description
ARRAY A list of items of the same type
BOOLEAN Logical boolean (True/False).
DOUBLE floating point number
INTEGER Whole number
VARCHAR Variable-length character string
STRUCT A dictionary of multiple named values, where each key is a string, but the value can be a different type for each key.
DATE The date component of a TIMESTAMP
TIME The time component of a TIMESTAMP
TIMESTAMP Combination of date and time.
INTERVAL The difference between two TIMESTAMP values


Types marked with (DECIMAL, TIME, and INTERVAL) have limited support.


Values can be cast using the CAST function, its form is CAST(any AS type). Where values are incompatible, an error will be thrown, to avoid errors TRY_CAST (or SAFE_CAST) can be used instead which will return null instead of error.

Type Hints


Intervals require definition by type hints, using the type name before providing a literal description of the value.

INTERVAL 'value' unit

Where unit can be 'Year', 'Month', 'Day', 'Hour', 'Minute' or 'Second'.




BOOLEAN, DOUBLE, INTEGER and TIMESTAMP also support 'type hint' notation (SELECT TIMESTAMP '2022-01-01';) to perform casting.


Timestamps & Dates

Literal values in quotes may be in interpreted as a TIMESTAMP or DATE when they match a valid date in ISO 8601 format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM). The decision regarding coercising to a DATE if there is no time component to the value, otherwise it will be coerced to a TIMESTAMP.

All TIMESTAMP and values read from datasets are coerced to nanosecond precision timestamps.


Hex literals can be provided using 0x prefix, for example 0xc0ffee is handled as the integer 12648430.