Query your data, where it lives.

One interface, endless possibilities - effortless cross-platform data analytics.

Transform your data analytics experience with Opteryx, where simplicity meets efficiency. Acces data across diverse sources with ease, gaining quicker insights and streamlined integration. Discover the future of data management – all powered by our SQL-on-everything approach.



Runs most places you can run Python; GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Knative, your own servers or a Raspberry Pi.

In-Place Analytics

Query across multiple data siloes without the need for data migration or additional loading.

Simple to Use

Query your data with SQL, leveraging skills your data analysts already have.

Elastic & Available

Scale from zero to thousands of concurrent queries within seconds to meet demand.

Time Travel

Revisit past data points to replay decisions based on historical facts, enabling better analyses.

Open Source & Extensible

Opteryx invites contributions from all. Fork, extend, and be part of the community.

Use Cases

Simplify your analytics workflow with Opteryx by unifying SQL queries across multiple platforms effortlessly.
Leverage Opteryx to query data generated by other processes, such as real-time log files.
Utilize Opteryx as a CLI tool to harness the power of SQL for filtering and transforming data files on-the-fly.
Embed Opteryx as an engine to provide a cost-effective way for analysts to operate part-time, personalized databases.

Resources to Get Started

open book

Read the Docs

Helpful for new and experienced users, our documentation includes information on how to setup, configure and use Opteryx.

Run Examples

Try out the example Binder Notebooks to get you started.

Community Support

Reach out to us with any questions you have on setting up, or using Opteryx.