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Project Goals of Opteryx


Opteryx is a SQL Query Engine written in Python, designed to be robust, efficient, and adaptable. It serves as a crucial component in data processing and analysis, leveraging the power of sqlparser-rs for SQL to AST parsing and PyArrow for internal data format management. This document outlines the core goals of the Opteryx project.

Core Goals

1. Speed and Efficiency

  • Implementation: Utilize efficient algorithms and data structures, along with performance-driven coding practices. When making coding decisions, speed is the priority, while maintaining code readability through good naming and commenting.

2. Correctness and Reliability

  • Data Integrity: Maintain the integrity and accuracy of data throughout the query processing lifecycle.

3. Maintainability

  • Codebase: Write clear, well-documented, and modular code that aligns with PEP8 guidelines, facilitating ease of maintenance and collaboration.

4. Transparency, Extensibility, and Adaptability

  • Implementation: Aims for transparency, maintainability, and extensibility, allowing for future growth and adaptation to new requirements or technologies.

5. Community and Collaboration

  • Open Source Contribution: Foster an open-source community that encourages contributions, feedback, and collaborative development.
  • Documentation and Support: Provide comprehensive documentation and support to assist contributors in understanding and working with Opteryx effectively.

6. Integration and Compatibility

  • Consumption: Ensure compatibility with various data sources and formats.
  • Interfaces: Align to standard and established interfaces for accessing the features.
  • Expandability: Design with a forward-thinking approach to support future integrations and expansions in the data processing landscape.


Opteryx aims to balance the need for speed with correctness, maintainability, and adaptability. By adhering to these goals, we strive to create a tool that is not only powerful and efficient but also reliable and easy to use and contribute to.

We welcome contributions that help push Opteryx towards these goals.