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TPC-H Benchmark


Conformance is a work in progress and this information represents the current state in order to provide transparent information about progress and capability.

TPC publish a set of benchmarks for computer and database systems. TPC-H is a decision support benchmark which consists of a set of business-oriented queries. This benchmark demonstrates a decision support system that examines large amounts of data, executes highly complex queries, and answers key business questions.

Query Modified Pass
query1 no yes
query2 yes no
query3 no no
query4 no no
query5 no no
query6 no yes
query7 no no
query8 no no
query9 no no
query10 no no
query11 yes no
query12 no yes
query13 no no
query14 no yes
query15 yes no
query16 no no
query17 no no
query18 yes no
query19 no yes
query20 no no
query21 yes no
query22 yes no

query doesn't complete within a reasonable time

All queries have been modified to refer to the location of the datasets, modified in the above table is where the SQL has been written to replace unsupported functionality with supported functionality - this is where the original query either created a view or a temporary table, both of these have been replaced with a CTE definition.

The test suite for this benchmark is in the Opteryx Benchmarking repository.

TPC-H is Copyright © 1993-2022 Transaction Processing Performance Council. The full TPC-H specification in PDF format can be found here.

TPC, TPC Benchmark, TPC-H are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council.