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Python PEP-249 Conformity


Conformance is a work in progress and this information represents the current state in order to provide transparent information about progress and capability.

Opteryx is not a DBMS so only aims for confirmity to PEP-249 for the featureset it supports - this is primarily support related to the querying of data.

Module Interface

Feature Imperative Supported
Module Interface uknown
connect constructor must unknown
apilevel global must unknown
threadsafety global must unknown
paramstyle global must unknown
Warning exception should unknown
Error exception should unknown
InterfaceError exception should unknown
DatabaseError exception should unknown
DataError exception should unknown
OperationalError exception should unknown
IntegrityError exception should unknown
InternalError exception should unknown
ProgrammingError exception should unknown
NotSupportedError exception should unknown
Connection Object unknown
close method should unknown
commit method should unknown
rollback method should unknown
cursor method should unknown
messages attribute optional no
errorhandler attribute optional no
Cursor Object unknown
description attribute should yes
rowcount attribute should yes
callproc method optional n/a
close method should unknown
execute method should yes
executemany method should no
fetchmany method should yes
fetchall method should yes
nextset method optional n/a
arraysize attribute should yes
setinputsizes method should no
setoutputsize method should no
rownumber attribute optional unknown
connection attribute optional unknown
scroll method optional no
messages attribute optional no
next method optional unknown
__iter__ method optional no
lastrowid attribute optional no
errorhandler attribute optional no
Type Constructors unknown
Date optional unknown
Time optional unknown
Timestamp optional unknown
DateFromTicks optional unknown
TimeFromTicks optional unknown
TimestampFromTicks optional unknown
Binary optional unknown
STRING optional unknown
BINARY optional unknown
NUMBER optional unknown
DATETIME optional unknown
ROWID optional unknown
Two-Phase Commit Extensions n/a
xid method optional n/a
tpc_begin method optional n/a
tpc_prepare method optional n/a
tpc_commit method optional n/a
tpc_rollback method optional n/a
tpc_recover method optional n/a

Support statuses in this table:

  • yes The feature is supported and conformance is part of the test suite.
  • no The feature is not supported.
  • partial Some features are supported.
  • n/a The feature relates to a feature not supported by Opteryx.
  • unknown No test exists to confirm conformance.