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Polars and Opteryx Integration

This short guide demonstrates how to integrate Polars and Opteryx, showing you how to query a Polars dataframe with Opteryx and how to return Polars dataframe from Opteryx.


Install Opteryx and Polars.

$ pip install opteryx
$ pip install polars

Polars to Opteryx

Opteryx can natively query Polars DataFrames by registering the DataFrame as a data source.

import opteryx
import polars

# Create the DataFrame
data = {
    "Name": ["Huey", "Dewey", "Louie"],
    "Age": [12, 12, 12],
    "Favorite Color": ["Red", "Blue", "Green"],
df = polars.DataFrame(data)

# Register as a data source
opteryx.register_df("nephews", df)

results = opteryx.query("SELECT * FROM nephews")

Opteryx to Polars

Opteryx can output results as Polars DataFrames using the .polars() result-conversion method.

import opteryx

dataframe = opteryx.query("SELECT * FROM $planets").polars()