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Incorporated Components

Opteryx, mesos, and orso are built on the shoulders of other great libraries and components:

Library Inclusion Type Copyright Licence
cityhash Installed 2011 Google MIT
cython Installed Apache 2.0
distogram Integrated 2020 Romain Picard MIT
fuzzy Integrated Jason R. Coombs MIT
mbleven Integrated 2018 Fujimoto Seiji Public Domain
mysql-mimic Derived 2022 Christopher Giroir MIT
numpy Installed BSD-3
orjson Installed Apache 2.0
pyarrow Installed Apache 2.0
pyarrow_ops Derived TomScheffers (assumed) Apache 2.0
query-builder Integrated 2021 lemon24 (assumed) BSD-3
sqloxide Integrated 2020 Will Eaton MIT
sqlparser-rs Installed Apache 2.0
travers Integrated 2023 Justin Joyce Apache 2.0
typer Installed MIT

Inclusion Types in this table:

  • Derived components originated from this module but have undergone significant change.
  • Installed components are installed from PyPI/Cargo.
  • Integrated components have their source code (or significant parts of) included in the Opteryx codebase.

This list does not include transitive dependencies nor is guaranteed to be complete. See the dependency graph on GitHub for a more complete view of components used.

Only integrated components have copyright information listed, and best efforts have been made to ensure this information is accurate. However, if the copyright information is crucial for your use-case, we recommend verifying it independently. Should you find any inaccuracies, please raise them as issues for prompt remediation.

Integrated components may differ from their original versions. While we generally do not note cosmetic changes (e.g. PEP8 formatting), any alterations or additions to functionality are documented in the code comments. For derived components, we do not provide individual change notes, as these parts of the codebase have usually undergone substantial modifications, making such annotations less meaningful.


License information was last checked on 2022-06-03, or when specific entries were added to this document, if later.

Other Assets

The Icarus Opteryx image based on 'Evening: Fall of Day' by William Rimmer (Public Domain), more commonly associated with Led Zepplin's Swan Song. The Icarus Opteryx image is created using visual components from 'Archaeopteryx' fossil image by Caro Asercion (CC BY 3.0).

Satellite and Planet datasets acquired from devstronomy.

Astronaut dataset acquired from Kaggle.

Exoplanet dataset acquired from Kaggle.

English wordlist acquired from wordlists.

Spotify Charts dataset acquired from Kaggle on September 17, 2023.

Space Mission dataset acquired from Kaggle.

Diagrams created using ASCII Flow or

Website built using mkdocs-material.

SQL-92 conformity tests are based on sqltest.

Documentation code color scheme based on Dracula.

References and Guides

The following resources have been used as guides, references or patterns:

Uncredited Authors

ChatGPT has been used to assist in designing, refactoring, testing, debugging and documenting code.